January 10, 2010


Darrel and I saw Avatar last night in 3D (it's awesome), and afterwards we decided to keep our special 3D glasses because we knew that Ben would enjoy playing with them. We were right-  but I think Darrel and I are enjoying them more than Ben because he looks so hilarious (I mean adorable) when he wears them. I promise you he looks just like Michael "Squints" Paladouras from the movie "The Sandlot". Let me know if you agree! Check him out:


Tiny Toes said...

Avatar IS awesome! Yes agreed, he is the spittin' image! I'll have to get a pic of Elyssa in our 3D glasses and post it. Thanks for making me laugh tonight!


Jenae said...

These pictures are adorable...and yes, he does look JUST like Squints. :) "FOR-EV-ER".

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