August 18, 2010

Comparisons with Harrison: Part Deux

Darrel has been dropping subtle hints lately that he thinks it's time for the boys to get haircuts. I usually always heartily disagree until yesterday after naps when Harrison had some pretty bad "bed hair", as you can see here:

Yeah, it's a little out of control, but hey he's one, and when you are one flowing golden locks on boys are in. But then Darrel said this: "I think he kind of looks like John Candy from Spaceballs." And you know what? I had to agree. Here, let me help you visualize it.

Yep. Totally "Barf" from Spaceballs.

Still need convincing? What about these shots? While, I don't think Harrison knows who "Barf" is- he did get a little sensitive at us pointing and laughing at him. Just kidding. These are normal post-nap conditions.

Ben thought it was funny though. What a good kid.

 Drama over. Daddy apologized.

May the Schwartz be with you,

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