December 26, 2008

Harrison's Hair

Well, there is no doubt in my mind that we selected the most appropriate name we could for Harrison. Everywhere we go the first thing people say when they meet him is, "Look at that hair!" and "Wow, where did he get all that hair?", and my favorite, "He's got more hair than Darrel!" Sorry dear. But it's true, the boy has a lot of hair! And it's not just on his head, but there is also cute little hairs on his ears too! One of my most favorite things to do with Harrison is to give him a bath because his hair has a little bit of a mind of it's own after it drys. Check it out below!

What a stud!!!

December 23, 2008

My Boys

I am so proud to call these three boys my beautiful family. I am so blessed. :)

My Little Monkey

I have just have to share these pictures of Harrison. I just hope he appreciates these as much as I do when he is older. :)

December 7, 2008

Eight Things

I love these little forwards... You get to learn 40 things about me. :)

Eight TV Shows I Watch
1. Survivor
2. The Office
3. 30 Rock
4. Top Chef
5. The Hills
6. Samantha Who
7. Grey's Anatomy
8. Private Practice

Eight Favorite Restaurants
1. Bella Luna- Wichita
2. Ruth's Chris
3. Sumo- Wichita
4. Sugar Sisters- Wichita
5. Fiarelli's Jack Stack- KC
6. Chesters Chop House- Wichita
7. Poplar's- Andover. Amazing Pizza!
8. Chipotle

Eight Things That Happened Today
1. Woke up at 6 a.m. to feed Harrison.
2. Took a shower. Yeah me!
3. Went to church and was able to sing half of the songs until I had to take Ben out for talking too much.
4. Went through Wendy's drive-thru for lunch and ate in 2 minutes as Harrison knows exactly when Mama is going to get a hot meal and decides he is hungry too. Every time! :) Ahhh... motherhood.
5. Put the kiddos down for a nap.
6. Went to Williams and Sonoma, Baby Gap and Target- getting all of my Christmas shopping done for Ben. Williams and Sonoma was just for me though. :)
7. Surfed the internet for more Christmas presents.
8. Future happenings- The church Christmas dinner is tonight! It's always a lot of fun.
(Note: The dinner was great! Highlight: Braden Young (5 years old) singing "Lovebug" by
the Jonas Brothers! Loved it!)

Eight Things I Look Forward To
1. A full night of uninterrupted sleep
2. Darrel's day off
3. Christmas with the family
4. Spring Time
5. Alone time with a glass of milk and a box of Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Assortment cookies. My latest craving.
6. Spending time with Darrel
7. Spending time with good friends
8. Watching my boys grow and flourish every day!

Eight Things I Wish For
1. An extra hand
2. Healthy children
3. God-loving and God-fearing children
4. For our 96 Camry to last for a couple more years
5. A new roof
6. A nap
7. A maid
8. For laundry to do itself

Eight People I Tag
1. Laura
2. Angela
3. Katie
4. Darrel
5. Rachel
6. Jenae
7. Mom
8. Brittany

December 6, 2008

Movie Night

At least once a week we try to have a movie night with Ben for that special family time. The kid loves popcorn and can pretty much finish off a bag by himself if we let him. So last night we settled down in our bed with our freshly popped corn and some refreshing juice to watch the critically acclaimed "Bee Movie"- which I must say was actually pretty good. But as usual (which is really okay with us), when the popcorn is gone so is Ben's attention span, which means that it is time for bed. We love these moments and can't wait until we have to pop two bags of popcorn- one for Ben and one for Harrison. :)

And of course I've got to throw in a picture or two of Harrison. In this first picture I had put him under a little activity center to give him a change of scenery and I guess it was just a little too much stimulus for him.

A little angel...

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