January 5, 2010

Harrison's First Birthday!

I know his birthday was almost two months ago, and that he is almost 14 months old now, but it is my parental right to declare that Harrison is now one years old! I can't believe it! To commemorate his first birthday I wanted to list a couple of details about him that make me love him so. So here goes:

He's light as a feather. Weighing in at 22 lbs, and 29 inches tall, he is very totable.
He is a mama's boy. I always wanted one.
He has very pretty hair. It's true.
When he eats a lot of vegetables or fruits, he gets tan. Lucky.
He is a great alarm clock. If you want to get up at three and six. :)
He's likes to be rocked at night, not to sleep, just enough to say goodnight.
He decided to get his first eight teeth all at once. Isn't that ambitious?
He is one stealth crawler, and one adorable little walker. He has his daddy's walk.
He is a soul man. He's got a bluesy little voice and likes to rock back and forth to any kind of music.
He's scrappy. He can hold his own, no doubt.
He's sensitive. One firm word and he is repentive.
He's quiet. But don't think he doesn't understand, he does.
He likes to scrunch up his nose when he doesn't like something.
He does sign language when he thinks I am not looking. Once I do it back, he smiles and stops.
He's a cuddler. Not as first, but more day by day.
Books offend him. He doesn't have time to read, he must keep moving.
Peek-a-boo is his favorite passtime.
He lets Ben "gently" wrestle with him.
He helps us meet our deductible. :)
He's a looker. I guess I am a little bias.
He's sweet and kind and lovely and fun and so much more....
He's Harrison Gray,
and he's one.


Kristen B. said...

Harrison is so precious, I can't imagine your family without him!

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