June 24, 2011

The Cousin Extravaganza

Last week we had our Kansas cousins come down and spend 6 days with us. My boys were beyond ecstatic. All together there were five kids in the house, and with Darrel gone most of the time it was just me manning them. I was a little worried at first, but they all were fantastic, and I think it's safe to say that we had a blast! It was the perfect way to kick off the summer. We swam. A lot. We ate junk food. A lot. We watched movies. A lot. We stayed up past our bedtimes. Not a lot, because this aunt was sacked by 8:30. But we also baked, threw water balloons, played dress-up, and cheered on Ben at his first T-Ball game. It was a hoot. It's now been a week since they have left us,  and it's been just a so-so kind of week. In my opinion it's been way too quiet around here. Ben has played a little too much Wii, and Harrison has watched more TV than usual. Though, I must say their diets have improved a little. I think they've ingested a vegetable or two, so that's a plus. But, still...we miss the cousins.
Here is some of our fun:

Playin' Dress Up (A.K.A. Running out of things to do)

 M and T were cast as the bad guys. Well played guys. Well played.

A and Harrison, were well.... the good guys. Let's just say they dressed themselves.

The Evolution Of A Boy Hit By A Water Balloon

"I've been hit! Everyone look at me! I repeat, I've been hit!"

Oh no, the fun is going south.

Going souther.

 And we're baaaack!

Obligatory Family Pool Pictures

Harrison smiling into the sun.

His grumpy twin.

Ben, my little swim monkey. I have to brag that he taught himself to swim this week.
Watch out Michael Phelps.

Sweet sisters.

M was making sure the pool was sparkly clean. Us girls were making a fuss.

I had just told them we were having ice cream for lunch. I jest. I jest. They were actually yelling "Holla!" It's a little inside joke from our fun week. :)

Crazy kids. I love 'em. 

Come back cousins. We miss you.

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