October 6, 2009

My Little Harrison Has the Sweetest Smile

He's growing too fast! In a little over a month my little Harrison will be one. Impossible. So here are his most current stats. He is now 21 lbs., 27 inches. He's fast, fast, fast! He is pulling up on everything and cruising along whatever he can grab a hold of. He says "dada" all the time, and when no else is around except for me it seems, he says "ma" with a toothless grin. He's real cute when he talks too- he does it in a whisper like he's got this really great secret. He's truly wonderful. I am not bias or anything. What surprises me most about him is his hair. Most of you remember that at birth he had more hair than most middle aged men, and it was darker than dark. Now it's this beautiful brownish blonde, that is getting lighter and lighter. It's funny, people are always asking me if I gave him a haircut because his hair has grown in so groomed-like, and I say no and joke that it just grows in perfectly. :) I am not proud am I? So here are some shots of the past month or so- Enjoy!

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