July 27, 2010

Make Your Own Fun

Usually when I put the laundry away the boys sneak off with one of the baskets to play in. I have seen some pretty cute things, but today takes the cake. I promise you, Ben thought of this all on his own.

Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi rowing his basket boat.

Little brother wants a ride. Ben says okays it on the condition that Harrison will help row.

The "Oh, you're taking my picture" smile.

Harrison trying to put on his swim trunks for a little swim.

"Mom, Harrison's not helping row."

 Ben decides to abandon ship. Harrison: Hey Ben, bring me some sunscreen would you?

 Thrilled their entertaining themselves,
July 20, 2010

For the Love of Juice

H: Watcha got there?
B: (inner thoughts) I'm going to ignore him- but I'll be ready to throw down at any second with my cool new Buzz Lightyear moves when he tries to steal this sweet nectar.

 H: (inner thoughts) This sure is a swell picnic.
B: (inner thoughts) I'm going to push this food around on the plate to make it look like I consumed more than just juice. She'll never know....

H: (inner thoughts) Whoa, there's mom. She's gonna want to change this bad-boy diaper. 
If I stand real still maybe she won't see me.
B: (inner thoughts) There...must....be....one.....more....drop....in....here... 

Narrating is fun,
July 19, 2010

Yummy Yogurt Parfait

I used to be the biggest breakfast fan- but lately I've kind of been in a breakfast slump, poo-pooing (poor choice of words when talking about food I know, but accurate) any kind of suggestion that included cereal, toast, eggs, bacon, pancakes, or (quick cover the children's ears)...sausage. And, no I am not pregnant, just picky and lazy. :) But, yogurt and fruit actually sounds pretty good to me in the morning, so I have been eating up this little number at least twice a week. What I like about this concoction is that it's so easy to make, and while it looks pretty much like a sinful dessert, it's actually very healthy.

Ingredients (2 servings):
1 cup plain low-fat Greek yogurt
2 tablespoons of honey (or to taste)
1 teaspoon of good vanilla or vanilla paste (Totally treat yourself to Nielsen-Massey's vanilla paste. I am telling you IT IS AWESOME! It tastes amazing- and since it's paste, you'll see those cool little vanilla bean specks in your yogurt. I love to add it to any kind of yogurt dish, or to a bowl of oatmeal, and of course to any other recipes that call for vanilla. Be careful though, you won't want to go back to regular vanilla after you start using this. You can pick it up at most food specialty stores.)
1 cup fresh or frozen strawberries (or any fruit mixture of your choice)
1/4 cup Kashi granola cereal

In a small mixing bowl stir together your yogurt, honey, and vanilla. If you have any lemon curd on hand, and would like a little bit of a lemony taste added to your yogurt, just mix in 2 tablespoons. Next grab a pretty glass out of your cabinet and start layering the yogurt, strawberries, and granola and that's it, you've got breakfast!!!

This recipe is also my go-to breakfast choice when I have over-night company because it's so easy to prepare (you can even make it the night before, but I suggest leaving out the granola until serving time), and soooo yummy! Or, I'll downsize the portions a little bit and serve it as a healthy dessert or as a side at dinner time for the boys and it's always a hit. So give it a try and let me know what you think!

Befriending Breakfast One Day At A Time,

July 15, 2010

Time Out Buddies

Minutes before I snapped this picture I promise you there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth over who got to play with a broken toy. Well time-out couldn't keep these brothers apart. Every time I  set Harrison in his time-out spot, two seconds later you'd hear the swish-swish of a full diaper running over in Ben's direction. Finally, I just gave in, and took it for what it was, a golden photo opportunity.

Promising I changed H's diaper after this photo was taken,

The Merger

Life is crazy around here. In fact so crazy that the blogs have taken the back burner until now. I don't know what I was thinking having two blogs, so I have decided that "The Beth Life" and "There's A Blog In My Kitchen" will now become one- not in the biblical sense people, but in the gotta merge them together because I can barely keep up with one blog sense. So if you read TABIMK (all three posts-geesh) you will now find all that goodness over here at TBL. So look forward to more recipes, cleaning rants, organizing craze, and child bragging right here. Now doesn't that just sound more efficient? 

Life is good,

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