January 6, 2010

We Live in a Zoo

We are sick, and very, very bored. So, today I decided to reach beyond my list of mundane activities and do something different and fun with Ben while Harrison napped. Everyday Ben has been asking to go to his favorite place on earth, the zoo. I have tried to tell him that it is too cold, that the zoo is closed (parental lie) and that we are too sick, but he wasn't having those excuses anymore. So given that we have a bazillion animals toys in this house we made our own zoo- The Sears' Zoo!  First, Ben and I went through each toy box to find animals that we would see in a zoo. Ben was very particular about which animals made the cut. I wanted to throw in Mickey Mouse, but Ben put the kabosh on that saying he has never seen a mouse at the zoo. I was tempted to tell him about them being snake food, but decided to leave it be. So after we rounded up all of our animals, which Ben called scavengering, we then divided them up into the appropriate exhibit catergories, i.e. petting zoo animals, water animals, primates, and so forth. After the setup the zoo was ready for visitors, Ben got his zookeeper uniform on and I made sure I had my zoo pass and camera ready. This is what I saw....

I was welcomed by this very hi-tech and artsy zoo sign.

The first exhibit I visited was the primates. I was impressed that a gorilla, a blue one at that, was living with the monkeys. Zookeeper Ben informed me that this gorilla was very kind and that Curious George was his mommy. Nice.

Next I visited the bears, who so kindly allowed ZK Ben to sit with them while he explained all about their habitat (which just so happens to be a leopard print Snuggie. Impressed?)

Now I know I told you that Ben was pretty discriminatory when it came to what kind of animals were allowed in our zoo, but we decided "collectively" that it would be pretty darn cool to be the only zoo in the world to have a "live" pre-historic exhibit. Plus, we were desperate for some reptiles. When I inquired what they ate, ZK Ben informed me that they enjoyed strawberries.

The petting zoo...

The water animals. Check it out our zoo has the sassy hippo Gloria from the movie Madagascar.

The ferocious lion...

The purple elephant exhibit. At this point I believe that ZK Ben was checking out of our pretend zoo time, as he informed me that the animals were getting tired so I must leave soon.

I think ZK Ben just wanted to take his fifteen minute snack break. :)

Until next time!


Mercedes said...

What a creative idea! That is awesome! Ben is such an ingenious kid!

Erin Howell said...

1. this is so cute
2. i love that you have a leopard print snuggie!

Kristen B. said...

What a fun way to spend a morning! London says Hi!

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