January 16, 2010

Elvis Sighting

Darrel and I decided to take the boys out this Saturday for a little lunch after some errands at the new Spangles here in town. None of us had ever been, so we thought it would be a fun new thing for Ben to see, as Spangles is kind of known for it's "fifties" atmosphere with fun golden oldies music playing and bright colors everywhere. We were right, Ben would see new things. This is what took place in the first two minutes after we arrived into a very busy lunch time crowd:

Ben: Wow Mommy! This place is really cool!
(Ben then turns around to see a giant 9 ft. Elvis holding a guitar in his famous "Elvis-like" stance if you know what I mean without having to spell it out. I'll give you a hint...it rhymes with Elvis.)
Mommy: Uhhh...Ben let's get in line.
Ben (running up to Elvis and pointing while shouting really clearly): Look Mom! Look Mom! It's Jesus! Mom, it's Jesus! Do you see him! Wow! That's cool! Jesus is here!

Needless to say, we had a good chuckle before gathering Ben and leading him back to the line to order where we had to break the news that Elvis wasn't Jesus, and so on. I think we only confused him more. Never a dull day around here. :)


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