January 5, 2010


It's official I live with a bunch of sickos! Not morally that is, but medically we are all a mess. It started a week before Christmas when Darrel started coughing, and coughing, and coughing. Did I mention that he was coughing? Let's just say it wasn't hard to locate Darrel in the house, or in Target for that matter. Then two days after Christmas, Harrison takes on a nasty fever and boycotts food more than usual, so we decide to make a family visit to the doctor's office (so not fun), in which we learned that poor little Harrison had developed RSV, influenza, strep, and some other fun and exciting sickness I can't spell. Now wasn't that so sweet of him wanting to give all those viruses and bacteria a warm home for the holidays? A few days later, Ben came down with a fever and a cough that rivals Darrel's, and to round out our deductible, my throat is now hosting those little guys that Harrison invited over. And Darrel...well, he's a trooper....still coughing...but taking good care of us all.:)


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