December 26, 2008

Harrison's Hair

Well, there is no doubt in my mind that we selected the most appropriate name we could for Harrison. Everywhere we go the first thing people say when they meet him is, "Look at that hair!" and "Wow, where did he get all that hair?", and my favorite, "He's got more hair than Darrel!" Sorry dear. But it's true, the boy has a lot of hair! And it's not just on his head, but there is also cute little hairs on his ears too! One of my most favorite things to do with Harrison is to give him a bath because his hair has a little bit of a mind of it's own after it drys. Check it out below!

What a stud!!!

December 23, 2008

My Boys

I am so proud to call these three boys my beautiful family. I am so blessed. :)

My Little Monkey

I have just have to share these pictures of Harrison. I just hope he appreciates these as much as I do when he is older. :)

December 7, 2008

Eight Things

I love these little forwards... You get to learn 40 things about me. :)

Eight TV Shows I Watch
1. Survivor
2. The Office
3. 30 Rock
4. Top Chef
5. The Hills
6. Samantha Who
7. Grey's Anatomy
8. Private Practice

Eight Favorite Restaurants
1. Bella Luna- Wichita
2. Ruth's Chris
3. Sumo- Wichita
4. Sugar Sisters- Wichita
5. Fiarelli's Jack Stack- KC
6. Chesters Chop House- Wichita
7. Poplar's- Andover. Amazing Pizza!
8. Chipotle

Eight Things That Happened Today
1. Woke up at 6 a.m. to feed Harrison.
2. Took a shower. Yeah me!
3. Went to church and was able to sing half of the songs until I had to take Ben out for talking too much.
4. Went through Wendy's drive-thru for lunch and ate in 2 minutes as Harrison knows exactly when Mama is going to get a hot meal and decides he is hungry too. Every time! :) Ahhh... motherhood.
5. Put the kiddos down for a nap.
6. Went to Williams and Sonoma, Baby Gap and Target- getting all of my Christmas shopping done for Ben. Williams and Sonoma was just for me though. :)
7. Surfed the internet for more Christmas presents.
8. Future happenings- The church Christmas dinner is tonight! It's always a lot of fun.
(Note: The dinner was great! Highlight: Braden Young (5 years old) singing "Lovebug" by
the Jonas Brothers! Loved it!)

Eight Things I Look Forward To
1. A full night of uninterrupted sleep
2. Darrel's day off
3. Christmas with the family
4. Spring Time
5. Alone time with a glass of milk and a box of Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Assortment cookies. My latest craving.
6. Spending time with Darrel
7. Spending time with good friends
8. Watching my boys grow and flourish every day!

Eight Things I Wish For
1. An extra hand
2. Healthy children
3. God-loving and God-fearing children
4. For our 96 Camry to last for a couple more years
5. A new roof
6. A nap
7. A maid
8. For laundry to do itself

Eight People I Tag
1. Laura
2. Angela
3. Katie
4. Darrel
5. Rachel
6. Jenae
7. Mom
8. Brittany

December 6, 2008

Movie Night

At least once a week we try to have a movie night with Ben for that special family time. The kid loves popcorn and can pretty much finish off a bag by himself if we let him. So last night we settled down in our bed with our freshly popped corn and some refreshing juice to watch the critically acclaimed "Bee Movie"- which I must say was actually pretty good. But as usual (which is really okay with us), when the popcorn is gone so is Ben's attention span, which means that it is time for bed. We love these moments and can't wait until we have to pop two bags of popcorn- one for Ben and one for Harrison. :)

And of course I've got to throw in a picture or two of Harrison. In this first picture I had put him under a little activity center to give him a change of scenery and I guess it was just a little too much stimulus for him.

A little angel...

November 21, 2008

Sleepy Ben

A couple of days ago Ben decided that he did not need to take a nap after a brief 5 minute cat nap in the car. Don't you just love those days? Anyhow, needless to say around dinner time he was feeling the affects of his decision. We have never seen Ben fall asleep anywhere accept in his car seat so this was kind of amazing to us. Enjoy the clip!

Oh Brother!

Ben and Harrison's first meeting
Brotherhood of the Traveling Hat
So curious....

Ben listening to Harrison's complaints. :)

November 16, 2008

Harrison is finally here!

Praise God for he has given us another wonderful little boy! Harrison Gray Sears was born on Tuesday, November 11th at 6:24 p.m., weighing 9 pounds 14 ounces and 21 1/2 inches long. Only one ounce shy of Benjamin! God answered my prayers and made my labor easy and even a very joyful experience (I was little worried after being told he going to be a big one)! We are so excited to have him home with us now. He is such a joy and so sweet. Ben is loving being an older brother too! He has been perfecting the art of giving pat pats and kisses, and is very much concerned for the "babya" (as he says) when Harrison cries. Thank you for everyone's thoughts and prayers- we can't wait to introduce him to everyone!

November 10, 2008

Dance Dance Revolution

For the last couple of weeks we have been advocating (coffee) table dancing in our home, which I am sure that this is something we will regret someday soon in the form of a concussion. But, until then we are enjoying Ben's intense need to boogie down and all of his very special dance moves.

Harrison's Nursery

Harrison's nursery is finally done, so I thought I would share! We went with a monkey theme.

November 3, 2008


Well it is almost time to welcome Harrison into the world! We are so very excited with my November 15th due date just around the corner. We have been adding those final touches to the nursery, getting our bags packed just in case, and making those last minute preparations for his much anticipated arrival. I am even looking forward to labor this time- not that this pregnancy has been challenging, but because I kind of know what to expect this time around and hopefully I will be able to focus more on just enjoying the experience of meeting our son for the first time. One of those last minute preparations for the nursery called for me to take Ben on a little road trip today to gather something a little more personalized for Harrison's room.

Fortunately for me Wichita has a "Harry" street, but I have to say it was challenging finding one that didn't say "1500th Block" or "Sedgwick County" on it. Anyways, I hope Harrison likes it, and doesn't mind his nickname. I'll keep you posted on his arrival, until then please keep us in your prayers. :)

(Update!!! The good doctor approved an 11/11 induction date! Yeah! Can't wait!)


A friend of mine has one of the prettiest trees you could ask for this time of year in her front yard. You know the kind that boast those bright, bright yellow leaves with touches of red in them. Well I couldn't pass up trying to take a picture of Ben underneath it. Of course I forgot to get a better picture of the actual tree while talking Ben into a semi-smile or pose if you will, but you can tell by the leaves on the ground that the tree is perfect for Fall.

November 1, 2008

Darth Ben

Our church puts on a great thing for Halloween called Trunk or Treat in their front parking lot, in which our members go all out and decorate their trunks and dress up in costume to hand out candy to anyone who wants to bring their children by. This is the second year we have done this and I actually look forward to it because so many of our members are soooo creative and Ben just loves it! Last year Ben went as Yoda, but this year he went as Darth Vader. Does that say anything about his evolving behavior changes? Well...let me just say that he is a normal almost two year old who is learning mountains of information everyday, but he is still sweeter than sweet and steals my heart with every smile and laugh. Anyways, Ben disregarded all the chocolate candy (to our later disappointment when raiding his candy pail) for any kind of sucker he could find, which made for a very sticky boy with blueish lips. Getting him to go to sleep on a sugar high was a challenge, but worth seeing him have so much fun!!!

October 27, 2008


Today I found Ben making himself comfortable with a good book ("Things that Move") in his little brother's to be room. He put the boppy on himself and settled right in for some deep thoughts (or cartoon pictures if you will) on kinetic energy.

Ben with his good friends, London and cousin Ali. They opted for some lighter reading on zoology.

Ben and London, or as my mom likes to call them Big Ben and London. She thinks that's a hoot. I have to point out here though that Ben is wearing London's very nice white hoodie. He refused to take it off until she left. I must say, he looked very nice in it, but I think he was more interested in how soft it was.

September 16, 2008

Window Seat

Kansas saw a lot of rain last week, and Ben decided to enjoy it a little by pulling up his favorite easy chair to the sliding glass door and contemplating life.

Sing and Be Happy

We had some good friends over the other day, in which our children decided to entertain us with some singing and dancing. The outcome was more amusing then expected, but one little one (Ben) was more upset about a bruised ego then actual bruising. Good Catch Daddy!!!

September 6, 2008

They Grow Up So Fast

The last couple of weeks have been a little difficult for me because I have had to face that my little boy is no longer a baby. Below is a before picture of Ben on the day that I decided to actually get him more than just a bang trim at the salon. The beautician asked me how short I would like it, in which I choked out, "Give him a little boy haircut." That meant cutting off most of his bangs and also the cute little curls that would stick out when he wore baseball hats. Oy.
This is the after photo. Some other firsts are in this picture. Ben can now brush his teeth on his own, in which he has graduated from eating off the yummy toothpaste to actually brushing his teeth. And as you can tell he is sitting on a potty.

We decided to go ahead and get him used to the concept because he has shown some interest and has actually been telling us sometimes when he goes.

Here is Ben all ready for church last Sunday morning. It wasn't any ordinary morning either. Darrel and I thought it was time to get the nursery ready for little brother, so Ben moved up to big boy bed status like a pro last Saturday night. There was no drama, just lots of spreading out and reading extra stories to make myself feel better. Although, I did have to get rid of three-fourths of his stuffed animals after he spent a lot of time arranging them. So now it is a week later and Ben is like "Crib who?" It doesn't even phase him when he sees the crib in the new nursery. Who needs a crib when you are sleeping in a queen sized bed?

So while Ben is in his glory, mommy is secretly holding back tears wondering where her little baby went. Oh well, I guess I better get used to these feelings and cherish the moments. :)

September 5, 2008

Oh Mickey

Ben's best friend is his Mickey Mouse doll. He carries Mickey with him everywhere which has been challenging when I have to explain that Mickey cannot go into Olive Garden with us. Mickey has actually been a great learning tool for Ben regarding rules and behavior. The other day Ben had Mickey standing on the table, which is of course a no-no in our house, so I told Ben to tell Mickey to sit down on the chair so he does not get hurt. Mickey decided not to obey. So then I tell Ben to tell Mickey to sit down or he will have to go to timeout. This time I go about my business in the kitchen only to turn around to see that Ben has put Mickey in timeout. He babbles some stern words to Mickey and then decides to join his poor pal in his punishment. While it was a very funny and precious moment, it was also a wonderful to know that timeouts are making some sense to Ben. I admit I have had my doubts. Since that day I have seen Mickey in timeout periodically -unfortunately I do not know what for, but I have definately seen some improvement in Mickey's behavior. :)
August 9, 2008

The Fountain of Juice

There is no denying that Ben's favorite thing in the whole world is JUICE. It is his top priority. He can say it perfectly, sign it, and maybe even spell it. If we are reading a book and a picture of a cup or really anything holding liquid pops up, he is reminded that he needs juice right then and there and thus the reading session is over, as he will say juice over and over and over again. Now mind you we don't give him that much juice, probably 3-4 ounces a day, but we do dilute it pretty good with water. Ben sees us get out a sippy cup and fill it with 3/4 water at the fridge and then top it off with juice. Regardless, Ben believes that juice comes straight from the fridge water dispenser, so he is always trying to reach his cup up there for a refill. At first I thought he wanted more water, but a hefty nose turning to that notion made me realize that he believes the big metal box in our kitchen to be a giant juice dispenser (which I guess in some senses it is). Well it was a happy day when Ben realized that he could push a kitchen chair up to the "juice dispenser" to get his refills whenever he desires. Let's just say that we had a lot of water and ice on the floor that day. We have since learned our lesson, and Ben is now back to the drawing board on how to get juice whenever he so desires. I'll wonder how he'll feel when he realizes we've been jipping him by watering his precious juice down. Oh well....
August 2, 2008

It's Time

I realized the other day that I am not documenting Ben's life as well I should. I cherish all the many little moments that happen throughout the day and tuck them away in my mind, but I know that I will forget some of the adorable things that he does so it's time to do something about it. So to start off, one of Ben's favorite things to do is put his baseball Easter basket on his head and go around and bump us with his "cushioned" noggen. He thinks we are laughing at his silly antics, but we are really getting a kick out of is his remarkable resemblence to Toad from Super Mario Brothers. It's uncanny really. The best is when he turns around and you can't see any of his head or neck, just this big white baseball lobbing up and down on a little body running down the hallway squealing with joy. Makes me laugh every time. So next time you cringe at the cost of overpriced Easter baskets, remember it could also bring hours of free entertainment way after the holiday has passed. :)

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