December 26, 2008

Harrison's Hair

Well, there is no doubt in my mind that we selected the most appropriate name we could for Harrison. Everywhere we go the first thing people say when they meet him is, "Look at that hair!" and "Wow, where did he get all that hair?", and my favorite, "He's got more hair than Darrel!" Sorry dear. But it's true, the boy has a lot of hair! And it's not just on his head, but there is also cute little hairs on his ears too! One of my most favorite things to do with Harrison is to give him a bath because his hair has a little bit of a mind of it's own after it drys. Check it out below!

What a stud!!!


Laura Beth and Cliff said...

He is a stud! Reminds me of teen wolf!

Mercedes said...

Love the hair for sure!

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