December 6, 2008

Movie Night

At least once a week we try to have a movie night with Ben for that special family time. The kid loves popcorn and can pretty much finish off a bag by himself if we let him. So last night we settled down in our bed with our freshly popped corn and some refreshing juice to watch the critically acclaimed "Bee Movie"- which I must say was actually pretty good. But as usual (which is really okay with us), when the popcorn is gone so is Ben's attention span, which means that it is time for bed. We love these moments and can't wait until we have to pop two bags of popcorn- one for Ben and one for Harrison. :)

And of course I've got to throw in a picture or two of Harrison. In this first picture I had put him under a little activity center to give him a change of scenery and I guess it was just a little too much stimulus for him.

A little angel...


Laura Beth and Cliff said...

I love Harrison's hair in the second pic. So cute!!! Can't wait to meet the little guy!

Mercedes said...

Aww. Soo cute!

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