November 3, 2008


Well it is almost time to welcome Harrison into the world! We are so very excited with my November 15th due date just around the corner. We have been adding those final touches to the nursery, getting our bags packed just in case, and making those last minute preparations for his much anticipated arrival. I am even looking forward to labor this time- not that this pregnancy has been challenging, but because I kind of know what to expect this time around and hopefully I will be able to focus more on just enjoying the experience of meeting our son for the first time. One of those last minute preparations for the nursery called for me to take Ben on a little road trip today to gather something a little more personalized for Harrison's room.

Fortunately for me Wichita has a "Harry" street, but I have to say it was challenging finding one that didn't say "1500th Block" or "Sedgwick County" on it. Anyways, I hope Harrison likes it, and doesn't mind his nickname. I'll keep you posted on his arrival, until then please keep us in your prayers. :)

(Update!!! The good doctor approved an 11/11 induction date! Yeah! Can't wait!)


Jenae C. said...

What a cute idea!!!

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