January 12, 2009

First Name Basis

So I thought I would share a first for our one year old (okay, he'll be two in two weeks) Benjamin that kinda threw me for a loop. Yesterday, driving home from church Darrel and I are talking away in the front of the van while Ben is watching "Little Einsteins" (of course) and Harrison is screaming because, well he's two months old and that's what babies do sometimes. Darrel and I must have been very engrossed in our conversation because Ben was trying his hardest to get my undivided attention by calling out loudly to me, "Momma, Momma, Momma, etc." Well, he must have gotten frustrated with me because he changes strategies and starts saying, "Beff! Beff! Beff!" Wait a minute! He can't be calling me by my first name!? When did he even learn my first name? He must be saying bath, or beef, or bird, but not Beth. Kinda of stunned, I turn around and say "Ben, are you calling Momma, Beff?", and with a big smile he says "Yes! Beff!" Oh my- this parenting thing is getting more interesting by the moment. We all laugh, kindly remind Ben that he needs to call me Momma, and go on or merry way home. Needless to say this morning over breakfast he called me Beff again, and then promptly called Daddy, Darwell. Wow- I have a feeling we are in for many more surprises this year. :)


Kristen B. said...

Oh what fun! Ben is always so cute, I can just picture that being one of those moments, "wait did he just say what I thought he said, surely not....". It is scary how much they pick up! Thanks for sharing!


Mercedes said...

That is hilarious! Kids really have us figured out.

Jenae said...

That is so funny!!! Ben just has so much personality, he is so cute!

Laura Beth and Cliff said...

Ya, two blogs in a week. I check almost everyday so this is very exciting to me. I love hearing about these kiddos!!!

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