January 12, 2009

Mister Personality

I have to say I wondered what I had gotten myself into the first week or so after having Harrison simply because of the "Wow, now I have two kids!" factor. But, I have to say either I am just that great of a parent (keep your laughter down to a minimum please) or Harrison is making my job that much easier. He is so layed back! He has three basic needs and if you can get those to him in a timely manner you are golden. They are, "Please feed me, please help me go to sleep, and please tell Benjamin to stop poking me." Now he does tend to get fussy if those needs are not being met to his liking, but man I couldn't ask for a better baby right now. On top of all of that Ben is pretty easy too, plus he's my personal entertainer. He's such a joy! Life is good! Praise the Lord!!! Note: I am sure this vote of confidence will come back to bite me some how, some day soon. :)


Kristen B. said...

I love the pics Beth, it is so fun to see how they grow and change. Harrison and Ben are so precious, you are a very blessed mommy! I hope all continues to go well (not counting the many things that I know are not easy, sleepless nights, ear infections, you know; thanks for being so positive and optimistic, I need a good dose of that (I tend to panic when I start picturing our life in a couple of months!); keep up the good work!

Jenae said...

I love the new pics of Harrison. He is such a beautiful baby!

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