August 20, 2011

Easy BBQ Crockpot Chicken

I came up with this recipe all by my pretty little self. 
You are going to be soooo impressed, I just know it.

All you need is this....
A crockpot, some chicken (cuz' it Chicken Week! yo) and a large bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce.

Here's how you make it :

Throw the chicken and the sauce in the pot, and set it to cook for 6-8 hours. 

And you're done.


 Just walk away.
Go get a mani/pedi.

Or take a nap.

Unless you have young children at home who are not napping.

Then a nap while the children are awake may not be your best idea.

I hear that's frowned upon.

That's why I don't do it.....anymore.

Maybe, just take a little breather on the couch with a caffeinated beverage 
so you won't be tempted.

All this nap talk to getting to my eyelids, so I guess I should get back to talking about the chicken.


You'll know the chicken is done when it's basically falling apart,
and your house smells something akin to your favorite BBQ joint.
(Light a candle if that last part doesn't sound too appealing to you, or make some Snickerdoodles to make your house smell like Christmas and your favorite BBQ joint. That's what I did.)

Now, it's up to you how you want to serve it. 

Maybe on a toasted roll with some melted provolone cheese,
and a slice of red onion for good measure?

Or how about over some white rice?

We're watching our carbs, so I decided to serve it over a baked potato...
(I know that baked potatoes are full of carbs. I just wanna make sure you're awake and not napping!)

And it was DELISH!

I think this going to be a staple meal for us. It was just too darn simple. 

And I was born for simple.

Try it out, and let me know what you think.

Next Up:
Jeana's Fancy Chicken

Having some coffee,


Michelle said...

I really like you Beth! You're funny! :)
Oh and you make AWESOME food!


Beth said...

Ahhh...Thanks Michelle! Right back at ya!!

Alyssa said...

We make this a lot too. I call it "Chicken in a Crockpot" and I LOVE Head Country. It's the best! Love your chicken week!

Beth said...

Alyssa- we are in love with Head Country BBQ sauce! A1 has officially been replaced. :)

Summer said...

Add an onion and a can of pineapple chunks. I call it Hawaiian bbq chicken. It's heavenly shredded on a bun or over rice. Heavenly, I tell ya!

Leah said...

I love the idea of putting it on a baked potato! Thanks for the fun blog Beth!

James Baird said...

I'm salivating. Please continue posting delicious dinner ideas, my husband will forever be grateful.

Kristen Baird said...

Just so we're clear, I wrote that. I don't want James getting any undeserved credit over there.

Beth said...

Kristen- That's too funny. I was thinking I was cool that James was reading my blog. :) Love you!

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