July 30, 2011

Summer Thus Far

 I've never been the biggest fan of summer. Why? Well, I'm a Pacific Northwest girl, so full swing humidity and temps above 85 are unbearable to me. Let's not forget about about the bugs that come along with these months. Here in Oklahoma, they are bigger, smarter, and in your face. I promise you. Then there's the grass that turns brown in June, the higher water and electric bills, the sun blaring in when it's time to put your sleep-haten' children to bed, boring television, and let's not forget when the power goes out in 110 degree heat for seven hours (grumble, grumble, grumble).
Cue the Debbie Downer music.

But, I have to say... so far the events of this summer have far outweighed those little nuisances.
First, we had the cousins here for a week. That was awesome. 

But, as a family, we've also made some memories. Check them out:
Ben started T-Ball last month. I love his little uniform and the way he absolutely has no care in the world when he is out on the field during a game. Will you see him twirling on third base? Yes. Will he be oblivious about the ball headed in his direction? Yes. But, then there are those moments where he'll actually make contact with the ball or he'll even run in the right direction. Either way, I'm a proud mama when I'm loading up the washer with his filthy little uniform. One proud mama

The kids fell in love with the free splash park in OKC. I just fell in love with the free part.

Sadly, if there are puddles on the ground, my son is drinking out of them. 
I don't think he gets that from my side.

We dragged the kids to see Seussical the Musical at a local theater, and you know...
I think we all thought it was pretty fantastic. And, the kids got in free.
Sensing a theme yet for what makes me happy?

Hello my name is Beth, and I am addicted to Pinterest
Hello Beth.
Our 4th of July was filled with goodies that I copied gathered from this amazing site!
These patriotic little guys were a hit with the family, and were so easy to make.

This idea was also inspired from my Pinterest perusing. I modified it just a bit to add a couple of my favorite things like: butter pound cake, cream cheese whipped filling, blueberries, and a sinful amount of sugar. These my friends, are happiness in a jar.

Nana and Papa spent the 4th with us, and we had such a good time with them!
When these fine folk are around, our kids forget that Darrel and I exist and I'm
pretty sure just see us as live-in help.

Can't forget Grammy. Yep, these kids were spoiled in heaven with all their grandparents visiting.

Again, I think I'm changing my mind about loathing summer.

Pushing daddy into the pool. They thought they were being sneaky, 
so daddy didn't disappoint with his dramatic fall.

Walking home from swimming, lightening bugs, popsicles, sunscreen, and headless towel children. 
The essence of our summer.

Changing my attitude,


Alyssa said...

It sounds like you've had a fabulous summer. And I'm so impressed with those wonderful treats you have made! Happiness in a Jar...must copy.

Mercedes said...

Your pictures are beautiful! I love it. I am addicted to pintrest myself! Genius. I am excited for Hunter to start t-ball. They are sooo Adorable.
Glad you are enjoying your summer!

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