October 3, 2010

Regression Agression

Harrison is a gentle child. Very patient and kind. A joy to be around, with his perfect comedic timing and smooth talking. In my humble opinion he may just be the George Clooney of his playgroup. But lately around 2 a.m.- not so much. You see Darrel and I have committed an unsavory parental sin. For the past 4 months or so we have been catering (surrendering) to Harrison's regression back to his wee hours of the morning bottle fetish for the sake of sleep. Yes, that's right I said bottle. Yes, Harrison is almost two. Yes, we have judged others in the past for still giving their children bottles past 18 months. We know. But hear me out. This child LOVES (Capital "L" on the OVES) his bottle. He will endure a sippy cup all day long, but for bed time, well that's another story. You see the mere mention of a bottle will send Harrison giddily around the room giving hugs and kisses to everyone while singing "Nigh, Nigh!", which is then followed by a mad dash to his bedroom where he proceeds to beg to get in his crib. What parent doesn't want that? Dream of it? Let me show you a picture of his bliss....

And within a few minutes, we have this.....

So you can see how it's hard not to cater to him. But like I mentioned earlier, without fail he has been waking up every night to get a second round served up. Let's just say that he is a little tenacious about his demands. To us it feels a whole lot easier spending a minute getting his bottle for him, warming it up and handing it to him instead of listening to him go nonstop and fullforce from George Clooney to something reminiscent of Jack Nicholson's "Here's Johnny!" moment from "The Shining". Yikes is right. But, despite the theatrics, Darrel and I have decided to stay strong and united as we debottle our child. So please pray for us. He's very charming.

Seeing the light at the end of the very long tunnel,


Bridgette said...

GOOD LUCK!!! I am praying for you! Austin was the same way with his bottle. He was fine with a sippy cup all day long but when it came to "bedtime" he HAD to have his bottle. Until that one morning came in early December when I opened up the cupboard that held his bottles and showed him they were all gone. I explained to him that Santa must have taken them all to give to babies younger than him that needed bottles. Austin replied with an "OK" and he never asked for a bottle again.

ReJoyce said...

ahhhh....sweet sleep....I'd be a pushover!!

Laura Beth and Cliff said...

I love these kids!!!! Sooner or later he will grow out of it. They always do!!

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