May 16, 2010

It Was Time

So nothing breaks my heart like having the boys' hair cut for the first time. There is something about Ben's wavy brown mop and Harrison's Farrah Fawcett feathery style that tugs at my heart strings and makes me cringe when Darrel suggests that it may be time for a snipperoo. I try to shrug it off for as long as possible but when Harrison's gender started getting questioned and he starts acquiring nicknames like "Hippie" (thank you Papa) and "Sunshine" (think Ryan Gosling in Remember the Titans) I had to raise my flag of defeat and get er' done.  So here's a little tribute to Harrison's hair. What an adventure it's been.
 The Before:

The After:

Oh well....


ReJoyce said...

These are great pics Beth! I like the before AND the after!!

Jenae said...

I too love both! He is such a beautiful boy!! I'm right there with you on the haircuts for boys (as you can obviously tell when looking at my son). I'm wondering whether we're going to have to go with a short haircut for Caleb this summer. His hair is so thick and his head sweats like crazy under that mop. :(

Anonymous said...

u & darrel make the most beautiful boys!!

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