May 21, 2009

Harrison is Six Months!

I can't believe that my little Harrison is six months old and is now weighing 17 lbs and is 28 inches long! He is just the sweetest little boy, always smiling and is soooo laid back! Thank You Lord! He is doing just wonderfully! He starting rolling over at three months and can now roll both ways. He has also started pulling his legs underneath him into the crawl position, which is also his new favorite sleep position. We call it "Bottom's Up." :) Unfortunately we found out that Harrison has some reflux issues, but since we have started him on medicine he is doing so much better and is sleeping for longer periods. Again Thank You Lord!!! We are not sleeping through the night yet, but we are persistent in our prayers that that milestone will be met shortly. :) Just this past week Harrison has discovered his hands. He loves staring at them and turning them so he can see the wonder that they are. He has also discovered that they are great for grabbing mama's hair (very gently of course) and his toys. Harrison sure loves and adores his big brother Ben, and the feeling is very mutual. He loves watching Ben play and carry on, and of course Ben loves to entertain and have an audience. It is so neat to hear them laugh and enjoy each other's company- I can only hope that it will always be that way. :) Harrison's favorite thing right now is his binky. A sweet friend from church made him an adorable little blanket (14"x14") that has really soft material on both sides and little ribbons tags on the edges. Harrison loves to sleep with it, in fact I had to go buy a couple more just so he would always have one because it really seems to help him get to sleep. I get a kick out of him nuzzling up with it and seeing those eyes get super heavy while he drifts off. So adorable! He has graduated out of the swing (which I affectionally called my babysitter when Harrison was littler) and has now moved on to his jumperoo. It is so neat to see him progress and grow, but I'll confess that it also makes me a little sad too. I guess they can't stay babies forever, but it would be nice if you could remember all the little things that make this time so special.


Jenae said...

He is such a beautiful baby! I loved getting to read about all of the fun things he is doing!

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