March 12, 2009


So right now Ben's best friends are two adorable little girls named London and Abbey. Every day he wants to know if we are going over to Abbey's house, or if London is going to come over? He calls for them in Target. "London where are you?" He also calls for London's mom, Kristen. We saw her there once, and I guess he thinks Kristen and London live at Target. I would be so jealous. :) There was also the time that Ben chased Abbey around the house for a while trying to kiss her, but we won't dwell on that one. Ben is always very excited about going to church because he wants to see his friends. Not a bad problem to have. At church, if Ben sees Abbey or London walking to bible class with their parents, he will run up to them, grab their hand, or their parent's hand, and walk with them. It's pretty cute. Here are a couple pictures that capture their adventures. :)


Kristen B. said...

Those pics are precious Beth! Ben needs to come over, London has been asking for him. I love how much fun they have together, so adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are so amazing! Abbey feels the same about Ben! I hope we have many more years for their friendship to grow! Rachel

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