February 5, 2009

First Day of School

So yesterday was Ben's first day of school- sort of. Many of the church's around here have "Kid's Day Out" or "Mom's Day Out" programs, in which kids attend a pre-school like program for a couple of hours one day a week so moms can have a little breather. I have been very excited for Ben to start, not because I need a breather (but's it's nice), but because Ben just needs to get out of the house and enjoy more activities with kids his own age instead of boring mom. :) So the big day arrives and we are on our way to the church when I realize that I don't know which entrance to go in as I have never been to the school. Disclaimer: Please don't judge me for not checking out the school and seeing where Ben would be spending his time. My excuse is that many of Ben's friends attend this program and I trust their parent's judgement. Also, I just had a baby (uhhh 11 weeks ago, does this excuse still hold water?). Anyways, so the church is huge and I am not sure where to go, but I do see a ton of cars parked in the front lot so I went ahead and assumed that this must be the entrance that parent's use for the school. Wrong. So with Ben in tow, Harrison in his carrier, a backpack and my purse, we head towards the entrance. Once inside the lobby of the church I notice a lot of elderly people dressed in black. Yep- you guessed it I was in the midst of a funeral. I realized this just in time for Ben to be standing about a foot in front of a open casket pointing and yelling, "What's that Mommy? What's that?" Mortified, I grab his hand and drag him away, in which I couldn't even think of a lie to tell him of what that was, and I was pretty sure that this turn of events was going to quickly qualify me for the "Worst Prepared Mother of the Year Award". Luckily, a kind lady showed me which direction the school was and we were off. Ben was a little upset when I left him (that's code for I could hear him screaming pretty much until I was out of the building), but he actually ended up doing very well and is "willing" to go back. There should be a picture to post with this entry, but due to the circumstances I was just glad to get in and out of there without anymore issues. I'll have to get the picture next time, since I know where to park now. :)


Mercedes said...

My goodness. That is hilarious.Sorry to find you confusion amusing. : ) Yes that excuse still holds water!Two youngs boys must be such a blessing and a handfull at the same time!

Kristen B. said...

Oh Beth, I'm so sorry! It's sad that your story reminds me of several similiar events I have had(I'll have to share later):) At least you made it! And yes, you definately have a good excuse!!

Laura Beth and Cliff said...

That's one of the funniest stories I have ever heard!!!

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